Notes From a Learning Journey | Laura & Phil

Notes from our Learning Journeys | Harvests about SenseMaking with Social System Maps from our Community of Practice.
Phil Metzler and Laura Kaestele discuss her perspective on what SenseMaking means to her work and for network weaving.

Sean’s Views

A success story about Sense Making with the RE-AMP Network’s Social System Map

Mapping Take-Aways – Part 6 of an Interview with Aldo de Moor

Part 6 of an Interview with Aldo de Moor Reflecting On Our Discussions It’s been over two years since my original interview with Aldo. That one interview was so rich, it generated six blog posts and an abiding friendship. We’ve met online semi-monthly ever since that first great conversation, to talk about our projects, challenges, ideas & dreams. While the Covid 19 pandemic has made dramatic changes to our collective daily lives since that first interview, what we observe and believe about mapping feels more relevant than ever. What holds our friendship together, through all the changes, is our nearly … Read more

Whose Relationship IS It, Anyway?

Most of us think about ‘Relationship’ too personally, too one-dimensionally, and too cautiously to support transformation.

A Co-Inspirational Feed-Back Loop with Eugene Cooke

Eugene Cooke is an Agroecologist and urban farmer with experience from California to Kenya. He’s the founder of Grow Where You Are, is currently located in Atlanta and is focused on food sovereignty.  He’s also a member of a relatively large network funded and convened by one of our mapping clients. Meaning – he’s in a social system map that we’ve made & maintain. And because of that, I met him at our client’s annual conference, where I went to present their map for the second year in a row.  Eugene and I met at a moment on my own … Read more

Theory and Practice in Social System Mapping: Part 3 of an Interview with Glenda Eoyang

How a Social System Map Expands Consciousness and Increases Choice.

Theory and Practice in Network Mapping: Part 2 of an Interview with Glenda Eoyang

Exploring network consciousness with Glenda Eoyang of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute

HSD Theory and Practice in Network Mapping: An Interview with Glenda Eoyang Pt. 1

“. . . a network map captures and represents those three fundamental characteristics (or CDE) that we think define the nature of all self-organizing systems. CDE means Container, Differences and Exchanges.” ~ Glenda Eoyang

The Process of Participatory Community Network Mapping – Part 5 of an Interview with Aldo de Moor

A map without conversations is nothing and conversations without some form of mapping are much more fragmented.

How to Turn sumApp Into Your Kumu Map Portal

How you can simplify map access for your network members by turning sumApp into your Kumu map portal

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