Network-ing Does Not Equal Network WEAVING

For those of us who don’t resonate to Harvey McKay’s ‘Swim With the Sharks’ and that ilk – the default, mainstream meaning of ‘networking’ can be a big turn-off . We’ve come to understand it as a specific, often self-serving, not-necessarily-authentic, social butterflying kind of activity. To many of us ‘networking’ is a popularity contest – best left to smarmy salesmen, politicians, corporate CEOs & lobbyists. We get a little queasy just contemplating joining those ranks. And no amount of rosy pep-talk convinces us. For introverts and those who value authenticity ‘Networking’ fires up the wrong imaginings.

How to Create a ‘Live Link’ from sumApp to Kumu for Real Time Network Mapping

The Maya Townsend interview has generated interest in live-link mapping – as well as questions about how to do it and what one should know. This post is in response to those questions.


. . . one of the [important] pieces… is to get that sense of ‘we’re not in this alone,’ that ‘we have more connections than we know.’

Using Language and Stories in Participatory Community Network Mapping | Part 4 of an Interview with Aldo de Moor

Storytelling is very important to inspire participation. However, it is especially the boundary spanning across communities – stories that capture the essence of an activity or an interaction in a community. ~ Aldo de Moor

Power in Participatory Community Network Mapping- Part 3 of an interview with Aldo de Moor

“Maps have power. They always have throughout human history. Maps have been very powerful artifacts” – Aldo de Moor

What Participatory Community Network Mapping Makes Possible – Part 2 of an interview with Aldo de Moor

What Participatory Community Network Mapping Makes Possible. Part 2 of an interview with CommunitySense Founder Aldo de Moor.

Participatory Community Network Mapping as Collective Sensemaking – Part 1 of an interview with Aldo de Moor

Participatory Community Mapping as Collective Sensemaking. Part 1 of an interview with CommunitySense Founder Aldo de Moor.

How to Manage Archetypal Network Tensions – an Interview with Dylan Skybrook (Part 2):

Excerpt: A Leadership Story – Network Style – Part 2

Leverage Your Network For More sumApp Responses

Not Getting The Response You Hoped For Yet? Automated bulk email invitations from sumApp work fine in most instances, especially if people know they’re coming & what they’re for. But what if it’s not working? What if important members are buried in email and ignoring your requests? Or maybe you have a sub-set of members who won’t recognize the email address you’re sending from? Or what if they’re not tech-savvy, so they think it will be complicated & they’re avoiding it? What if it’s getting caught in some hyper-vigilant spam filters? Or they just plain don’t participate in this sort … Read more

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