How to Help Your Members Manage Long Lists in sumApp

Excerpt: sumApp ‘segments’ make it easy to manage long lists, so members are more likely to engage & share info.

Setting Up A Kumu Account For Your Network Map

How to easily share a private Kumu network map with your network.

June Holley on Collective Change and the Culture of the 21st Century

How place, process, relationships and tools support culture change for the 21st century – An interview with Network Weaving pioneer June Holley.

A Brief Guide to Getting Started Gathering Network Mapping Data

How to get started network mapping using sumApp to gather network relationship data to use in creating a map of your network in Kumu.

Network & Systems Mapping For Social Labs

A cross-post from The Social Labs Revolution blog by Sam Rye: One important aspect of any Social Lab, is understanding the context a Lab Team is developing solutions for. A grounded approach to getting started in building a picture which everyone can see, is called Systems Mapping.

7 Steps to Increasing Network Map Engagement

What to do when you’re worried no-one will share the personal information needed for your network map.

Network Maps & Family Trees

A network map stimulates & expands our sense of interrelated part-ness/whole-ness, and invites us to take more care of that something greater (which we all feel).

sumApp is Almost Ready!

 Ridiculously Simple Social Network Maps”  sumApp is We’ve been hard at work. . .   . . . and you’ve been waiting. Sign up to be the first to know when we launch. almost ready for free trials & subscriptions! Now we’re sharing sumApp with you   What IS sumApp? It’s kinda like a mash-up of SurveyMonkey with Twitter or Facebook, explicitly for social network mapping. It’s the tool we used to create the Monster Map.   We created it because: We believe in the power of Network Weaving & to change the world for the better, We agree with Odin Zachman’s proclamation … Read more

What Are We Signing Up For?

Practicing ‘Showing Up’ in new status-quo-disrupting ways is hard work. What could we do to make it less daunting & divisive?

Monster Map: Part Three – Sensing What Is Emerging

How Network Mapping in enables us to sense what’s emerging in the overall field of bushCON change agents.

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