Setting Up A Kumu Account For Your Network Map

How to share your map with your community - without publicly sharing private information

Most of our clients network maps include information about people.  Many of those people don’t want their relationship or other personal information to be shared publicly on the internet. Still - our clients DO want to share the map with everyone on it. But it would be a hassle to require everyone in the community to set up their own Kumu accounts. And it would be hazardous (to the map) to give everyone the main account-holder's log-in info.

So what to do?

In those cases we set up a private (paid) account for client's network map. Then we embed that private map into a password-protected page on our website. It could be embedded on any server, but we offer that for free for our custom map clients. Then we share the url and the password with the people in the map, or whomever they need to give view-only access to.

An embedded map is still interactive, so most people won't even know the difference. The password-protection adds a layer of privacy you wouldn't have if the map were public, and it's easier for everyone if there's no need for a username and everyone shares the same password. 

The solution is that easy!

Are you wondering if that’s the solution for you? Here’s a simple flow-chart of the relevant factors & decisions to make:



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