A network map that includes oneself fascinates like one’s own family tree. It’s another way of showing us who we are & who we could be. It’s another way of seeing a Whole of which we are an Integral Part.

In both instances, we know ourselves by our relationships, and because our relationships make us a part of something greater, they are affirming. Both instances visualize those relationships – and what enters our minds through our eyes has a extra, imagination-stirring impact.

A family tree stirs up our history, our trajectory through time, what happened & how we got here – in some sense, IT takes care of US by offering recognition, narrative, affirmation, teaching – it resonates to our ancestral superpowers.

A network map stirs up our present and our future, our potential, who we might become and who will help us get there. It helps us see what’s necessary but missing – in some sense, IT asks US to take care of IT by connecting, filling gaps, shepherding, strengthening – it resonates to our desire to APPLY our ancestral superpowers to building a better future and greater collective resilience.

A professional network weaver & friend, Odin Zachman said to me ‘Network Mapping is the gateway drug to Network Weaving’.

I believe that’s because of the way a network map stimulates & expands our sense of interrelated part-ness/whole-ness, and invites us to take more care of that something greater (which we all feel).

It invites our recognition that the recipients of, and our partners in, acting out that care are – one another as well as ourselves.

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