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What IS sumApp?

It’s kinda like a mash-up of SurveyMonkey with Twitter or Facebook, explicitly for social network mapping.

It’s the tool we used to create the Monster Map.


We created it because:

  • We believe in the power of Network Weaving & to change the world for the better,
  • We agree with Odin Zachman’s proclamation “Network maps are the gateway drug to network weaving”, and
  • We think every network should have access to a map of itself, regardless of budget or technical expertise. Therefore,
  • We want to increase change-maker’s capacity to create their own network maps by reducing technical barriers.
  • . . .and (last but not least) – because WE CAN (& we thought that was cool)

We used sumApp for a year ourselves, with our network mapping clients, before preparing to offer it to the public. And because we both have a low tolerance for leaving technical frustrations as is, we tweaked it and we tweaked it to make our work easier. And now as we prepare to launch it for the public, it’s sinking in  –  what a game-changer it is.


Old school social network mapping is a major project.

It’s costly and time-consuming, and without expensive experts or complicated tools, you can’t really get at meaningful self-reported network connections.

And the benefits don’t always live up to expectations.

But it doesn’t HAVE TO be that way!

We believe that the more the mapping process is in the hands of network members themselves, the more impact the maps will have & the faster we can make significant change.

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