Coming Soon - A sumApp Update!

sumApp Will Soon Be Sporting a  Fresh User-Friendly Interface And Cool & Useful New Features

Thanks to the Bush Foundation’s support, sumApp has been rebuilt from the ground up, to make it more intuitive and easy to use, and include some great new features that we know network mappers will love! 

The changes we've been working on are designed to make your sumApp-to-Kumu maps even more amenable to iteration, emergence, evolution. There will be more ways to gather, explain, alter & compile your data. And there will be more ways to filter and recombine your members. We hope you'll be as excited as we are to start using the new features. Plus cloning surveys and embed the map in the sumApp member view itself.


Upcoming New Features

Tier I

  • Connection options will be editable. (Done on 11/23/17)
    • Even after project is launched (Yayy!!!)
  • Embed your map inside of sumApp! (coming soon)
    • The member view (i.e. the bio, survey, connections pages your members engage with) will include a map tab so you can embed your map directly into sumApp. This will enable members to view the map from the same link as they use to update their profile & connection data. No more making them go to another site to see the map. Cool, eh?
  • Include up to 3 email addresses per member. (coming soon)
    • So if they stop using one email, you’ll be able to reach them on another.

Tier II

Everything new in Tier I, plus:

  • Survey checkbox questions will be able to limit the number of responses. (Done on 11/23/17)
    • When you say ‘pick 3’, it will only allow 3. 
  • Survey can be split into sections, with header and description text blocks to help explain & give more context to the survey questions. (Done on 11/23/17)
  • Clone a survey from another of your projects (save survey-creation time, and tweak it after cloning). (Done on 11/23/17)

Tier III

Everything new in Tier II, plus:

  • Multi-modal connections. (Done on 11/23/17)
    • Yep, you’ll finally be able to ask more than one question about member’s relationships. And there will be more field types you can use there, as well. We’re pretty excited about this feature & eager to see how you’ll use it (like - links to project videos or other story-telling sites. . .).
  • Import pre-existing data about members - we think this is huge! (Done on 11/23/17)
    • No more having to survey people on info they know you already have on them, just to ease getting it into the map. Info such as cohort years, gender, or other info you’ve collected about them elsewhere can be loaded directly into sumApp. It will show in the member's view of the survey & can be changed by the member if necessary.

Tier IV

Everything new in Tier III, plus:

  • A custom front-end selector, like the segment selector, made from responses to a survey question. (Done on 11/23/17)
    • For instance, if you’re asking what issues they’re working on, you can enable them to filter the member panel based on answers to the issue question.
  • Survey a sub-set of your population, based on the same custom front-end selector. (Done on 11/23/17)
    • For instance, using the ‘issues’ question above, you could email just the members who are interested in ‘Arts’, and only show them the others who selected ‘Arts’ as well. Useful for helping manage very large populations.
  • Import connections from a previous project into a new one. (coming soon)
    • Enable your highly-connected members to save connection-reporting time if they’re part of multiple overlapping networks and show up on several maps.

We’ll post in more detail about these features as they come online - sign up for our newsletter below to be sure you don’t miss learning about them!

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