It’s time for a paradigm shift – on so many levels!

If you’re supporting a network aimed at transforming systems, you need tools that are aligned and resonate with the conditions and principles that generate transformation.

You need adaptive tools, that allow for emergence, are dynamic and multi-dimensional.

Tools that help shift your network’s collective focus to interconnectedness, intersubjectivity, and complexity. Tools that enable you to generate the system-level insights you need to accelerate and amplify your collective impact.

Your network will LOVE it!

It’s the easiest tool you’ll ever meet for getting your network members to map their own connections.

Our initial priorities for sumApp were:

While we were at it, we changed some things that had always annoyed us about other survey tools:

But we didn't stop with easy and 'Evergreen'!

All along, we've learned from our own mapping experience, listened to the needs of our custom mapping clients, paid attention to our sumApp-using customers requests, and continued to develop the features the field has asked for.

Eventually we realized:

Something new and unexpected had emerged out of our focus on making an adaptive process easier – but not everyone recognized that fact.

We noticed that even though we had made a different kind of mapping process possible, most of our customers and clients were still trying to fit themselves into the old-school non-iterative approach.

The tools had changed in ways we thought increased the potential for transformation, but when people used the old Social Network Analysis language, they stimulated the same old not-quite-emergent process. So we decided to come up with new words for what we were doing. It needed a label that signaled:

  • This is different
  • It’s a process, not a product
  • It’s about co-creation and shared learning, not about expert-driven analysis and recommendations
  • It’s about enabling everyone to think systemically together, not extracting some metrics that help us social engineer things.

We call this newly-emerged approach to mapping: Social System Mapping

sumApp makes you a Social System mapping Rock Star!


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