The Monster Map: Part Two – Tools

The evolution of tools used over three years of creating the bushCONNECT network map.

The Monster Map: How We Built & Shared a Network Map with 1,250 People – Part One

Network Mapping Writ Large. Kumu & sumApp provide large scale interactive network mapping that helps communities ‘see’ themselves as a network.

Janne’s Magical Network Maps

Janne Flisrand cross-post on the magic of social change network maps.

Appreciative Reflection

What we see in each other, and call out in one another – becomes the very source of transformation. 

Types of Trust in Networks

If Trust Is The Glue Of A Network. . . . . . we can’t have too many honest & authentic discussions about it. And talking about trust can be hard in any context, but in some ways it’s even harder in networks. So many of the ‘rules’ are contrary to what most civilized people have grown to expect. So many norms are being re-written. Networks require diversity – and our different cultures have different norms and cues for trust & trustworthiness. So while we all have a similar sense of what it feels like to trust & to have … Read more

Network Contributions

I often think of a good marriage as a generative balance of creative tensions. Same thing with social change. There’s an art to it – not flopping into the easy answer, the dominant narrative, the usual pattern. And the same goes for roles, actions, contributions in a social change network. We tend to show up pretty certain about what’s needed. And the answer tends to align well with our own inclinations. But, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my many, many years is that not only is the answer not residing in any single one of us, the necessary behavior, the useful contribution is … Read more

Trust in Networks

Trust is a core principle in change networks – in chaos theory, we’d call trust within human systems a powerful ‘strange attractor’. But what do we mean when we say ‘trust’? And who gets to decide?

Kumu Tips – Clustering on Multiple-Option Drop-Down Data

Is trying to cluster on multiple-option drop-down survey questions messing up your Kumu map? Here’s the easy solution.

Shifting Status Quos

When we talk about shifting status quos, we usually mean ‘out there’ somewhere. But while aiming to shift the deadly, distant yet far-reaching, monolithic status quos, let’s not overlook our own – ‘in here’.

What’s the Point of Network Mapping ?

The most subtle value in network mapping comes from it’s impact on the imagination.

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