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Got This?

A bunch of disconnected survey responses, with nothing to indicate what they have in common. . .

Want This?

To see your people clustered by each separate response,
so you can see everyone who is interested in the same things.

But Opps!!

Are you gettig This?

People clustered by EVERYTHING they chose from the drop-down menu.
Each attached to their own unique combo of options?? Ugh!!!

Let’s Fix That!

The problem starts in the spreadsheet you uploaded (of course, those evil %#&%$!<!?@%!!!!!. . .)

Notice how your drop-down options are separated by commas?

“Education, Racial Equity, Economics. . . .”

Each one of those was once a separate option, but your survey tool exported them all in a single column. And those commas aren’t telling Kumu “these are different choices”.
So Kumu thinks the whole spreadsheet cell is one distinct value. See how every cell’s content looks different?


What we want instead are ‘pipes’. . .

These things { | | | } are the solution (don’t ask me where to find it on your keyboard, they’re all different. . .)

Your data SHOULD look like this:

“Education|Racial Equity|Economics. . . .” (easily done with a simple find/replace)

Pipes tell Kumu “These are different choices – separate them out, and start a new row in the sidebar”


Say, what was that about the sidebar?

Get your data structured right, and everything makes more sense . . .

This looks sort of o.k,

BUT… |

Not compared to this…

See the difference between ‘issues’ and fixed ‘issues’

And see how Kelli’s interests show up on the map?

Pipes do that. Don’t forget your pipes!!

Got Questions?

Go ahead & ask, I like to help. . .

And, what other Kumu tips would you like me to write about?

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