Leverage Your Network For More sumApp Responses

Not Getting The Response You Hoped For Yet?

Automated bulk email invitations from sumApp work fine in most instances, especially if people know they’re coming & what they’re for.

But what if it’s not working? What if important members are buried in email and ignoring your requests? Or maybe you have a sub-set of members who won’t recognize the email address you’re sending from? Or what if they’re not tech-savvy, so they think it will be complicated & they’re avoiding it? What if it’s getting caught in some hyper-vigilant spam filters? Or they just plain don’t participate in this sort of thing on principle (but they probably would if the right person explained it to them).

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just reach out directly, personally from your own email account.Or if you could have the person who knows them best reach out directly?

Enlist the Network

If someone is being invited to be on a network map, it’s usually because someone who knows them suggested them, right? You probably have a core group defining the list of who should be included. So why not leverage those relationships to get the map filled in?

Since sumApp was built with networks, prototyping, and emergence in mind - we understood that sending an email blast directly from sumApp couldn’t be the only mechanism for inviting people. It’s great when it’s enuf, but it sucks when you need something more personal.

So we built in 2 quick & simple bits of functionality meant to make it easier for you to use whatever approach works best.

One-Off (per-person) Tactics

  • Send a personal email to a specific person, from your own account, written in your own, targeted-to-that-person words - include their link so it’s right there as they read.
  • Call the person, open their link & talk them through the survey questions & read the list to them to find out who they know.
  • Send their link to someone they’re closer to & ask that person to send a personal invitation.

In any of those cases, you can find an individual network member’s invitation link in the Respondent List. Right click & select ‘copy link address’ if you don’t want the report to register the link has been opened, otherwise just click the link icon, copy it from the URL address bar, and send it where it needs to go

Enable Others to Help

Want a process that makes it easy to get several people to help? Simply download the Status Report, paste it into a Google Sheet, and share the sheet with trusted co-nudgers. Each person can find out if and when their connections have visited sumApp, see how much they’ve done, and get the person’s link to send in an individualized follow-up email.

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